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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
It seems increasingly common to single out Christopher Nolan when discussing the script for this movie, but a lot seem to forget that the other two guys in the writing trio: Goyer and Jonathan Nolan, are well-versed in the Batman world, and all three of them referenced the comics when doing research for each movie. Countless interviews confirm this.
You're definitely right, Chris is getting singled out quite a lot for the script, and it's not fair. I feel like a big problem was that all three of them tried to get everything they wanted in there and didn't compromise enough. It's common knowledge that Jonathan was the one who pushed for Selina to be put in, so I imagine situations like that led to the bloated feel of the story.

Were those rumors about the first draft being 500 pages every confirmed?


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