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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Not the best attitude to start with.

Yeah, I concede it wasn't as full on as it was several years later, but it was still very much around. Movies got spoofed and mocked. There is not ONE video in existence from 2005 to TDK's release that mocks Bale's Batman voice in Begins. Not a single one.

I have searched through the boards. Do you think I would make such a claim without having done my research? I told you above the complaints about the voice were few and far between.

Did you read through that thread before you posted it? Here's the bulk of the responses that actually mention the voice or don't feel any changes were necessary to the character at all;

The rest of the thread is people talking about detective skills, the one liners, the romance sub plot, Miller's version of Batman, and other non voice related stuff. Compare the number of people who complain about the voice to the ones who do not. Vast minority.

Again read the thread and see the numbers in that thread. Those actually discussing the voice, the majority loved it. The detractors were a drop in the ocean.

There was no noticeable backlash against the voice.
There are also no videos from 2005 I can find mocking "I have the high ground" or "Only a Sith deals in absolutes," but I know fans mocked that when it came out. Even more as time passed. The meme culture isn't around.

And I am not going to dissect-a-post comments from that thread, but it seemed to me to be a 70/30 split of those who liked the voice vs. those who disliked it. It was the first Nolan movie, it was fresh, it was new, it was the first thing since Batman & Robin 8 years prior. Fans drank it up like milk. But there was criticism. And that is how it always begins:

First movie: It is perfect...I even love that one little thing some people are complaining about.

Second movie: It is perfect....but that thing that I didn't care about the first time, did kind of bug me.

Third movie: That sucked! And what is with that <insert trilogy long complaint>?!?! It used to be fine but it got so much worse!!!!!

I don't even know why you're making a big deal out of this. Bale had the same over-the-top vocal inflections and raspiness in BB ("SWEAR TO ME!!!"/"DO I LOOK LIKE A COP?!?!"/"WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?!?!"/ALFRED, I'VE BEEN POISONED!"/"I BROUGHT MINE!"/"I CAN BEAT TWO OF YOUR PAWNS!"/IT'S NOT WHO I AM UNDERNEATH.../"RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!").

Yes, he turned it down in a few scenes with Gordon and Rachel, but it was always there for most of the movie he's in costume. It's just in 2005 it was a novelty and not a pop culture phenomenon like it was in 2008 and 2012. It was also before the Internet meme culture. But people were snickering at in 2005 like in 2012. The difference? Fans in 2005 were just happy to have a serious Batman movie. Fans in 2012 are tired of Nolan because the shininess has worn off and they cannot wait for the new toy.

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