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Default Re: Dear Kevin Feige... please don't slowly turn Marvel Studios into Fox or Sony

Originally Posted by Mario_Galaxy View Post
In what sense? Robin the teenage sidekick who wears reds and greens, no. But a sort of combination of the three males (Dick and Tim in particular) but posing as a cop instead of a kid and fighting along side Batman, Bruce confiding in him the ideals behind Batman, finding out on his own Bruce's identity, and the implication of him succeeding Bruce are all pretty Robin-esque. Was the name reveal not intended to showcase that?
Of course he was a tribute to the many side kicks Batman has had throughout the years, but a) he's not Robin and him being called that doesn't change a thing about the story, and b) it's hardly comparable to the Mandarin situation. And I don't understand how you can think people somehow weren't critical of that character, the debate raged on forever in the Bat boards (and still does) about that character's place in the last movie, some even calling it cheesy that they named dropped Robin at all. So don't make out like Chris Nolan has gotten away with anything, TDKR and IM3 have both received their fair share of angst amongst their respective fan bases for the same reason, they've both decisive films that promised a lot but didn't necessarily deliver for everyone.

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