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Default Re: The All Encompassing AQUAMAN Movie Thread

Originally Posted by Ironfan72 View Post
Personally after Iron Man, Aquaman is my favorite comic book hero, it would be an awesome movie, but it in my opinion would need star recognition, as has been said, the character gets made fun of a lot, from producers of super friends who said it was near impossible to create circumstances for him to use his powers, to tv shows like big bang theory who while he is mentioned numerous times, its always as the butt of a joke.
Plus DC themselves don't seem able to make up their mind if he will be used in the JL movie, last year when it was rumored that a JL movie was being green lite, Aquaman was not part of the team, it is the same problem Marvel has with Sub Mariner, how do you make a movie about a man who's super powers come from water, the cgi alone would take up the bulk of a movies budget, plus right now DC is so far behind Marvel in movie continuity that a Aquaman movie seems distant, unless DC takes the Marvel approach and starts making their movie universe linked, which they did not do with any Batman films, they may with the new Superman film, but we will see, right now, DC is hanging their hat on the usual duo of Batman and Superman, their only real other attempt was Green lantern and it was a box office failure, doubt DC and Warner would take another chance without seeing how MoS does. We will see I guess.
Marvel is working on Ant Man for cryin' out loud.....Talk about the brunt of jokes?? Really?? LOL But Marvel believes in its characters more than DC does.....Look at the green screen in Pacific Rim.....or even the last Narnia movie. Not all of the movie has to be underwater.

You gotta be the first one to take your product seriously.....too bad.

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