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Default Re: How are you watching the film?

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
Star Trek had a few fun moments in 3D (the spears getting thrown at Kirk and Bones in the opening sequence), and Oz looked pretty good in 3D.

But 3D added nothing to Iron Man 3 or Man of Steel. But the only way to see them in IMAX, had to include the 3D.

Oblivion was in 2D, and it looked great in IMAX. Unless there's an especially good reason to have the 3D, there's just no need for it.
Yeah, all my best theatre experiences have been on non 3D IMAX screenings. The sound, scope and clarity is the way to go. Too bad they don't give the 2D options for some of these, the 3D can take away the detail of the picture quite a bit.

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