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Default Re: How are you watching the film?

Nothing in 3D has yet matched the quality of Avatar, so I decided on 2D for Man of Steel. Luckily, I have a lot of choice in my area, so it was easy to opt for 2D.

I have an IMAX 20 miles away from here in Birmingham (UK), a giant screen (called The Giant Screen, it's non-IMAX, digital projection, 70ft screen) also in Birmingham, an Odeon about 3 miles away (showing the 2D and 3D of Man of Steel) and a Showcase about 5 miles away (showing the 2D and 3D of Man of Steel). There's another Odeon about 5 miles away.

I went to the Showcase to see Man of Steel in 2D. Loved it! Haven't seen the cinema so busy for ages (the nearly-full car park was a sign that it was busy before we went inside). I may go to see Man of Steel again, probably at The Giant Screen in 3D, though I'm not convinced that all the fast-camera action/destruction scenes will look that good in 3D.

As for The Wolverine, I may try it in 3D. Depends if I get a press screening invitation and what format they show it in.

I just wish the 3D these days was as immersive as Avatar, which was awesome.

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