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Default Re: Rate and Review X-Men Origins: Wolverine! - Part 1

Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Kisch, and Live Schreiber all gave really good performances (even if their characters were badly written). The rest sucked.

1. Wolverine comes off as an idiot in this film for not recognizing that he's being played right away.
2. Stryker's plan is unbelievably stupid and makes him look like an idiot.
3. RR was awesome as Wade Wilson, for the ten minutes that he was onscreen. What they did to Deadpool at the end, damn.
4. Some REALLY bad CGI and boring action scenes.
5. Wolverine fighting in various wars and his time in Stryker's team would have made for much better movies, but here were glossed over in the first ten minutes.
6. They completely ignored Wolverine becoming an actual animal after the procedure and needing to regain his humanity.
7. They kept talking about Wolverine being this animal, but he was the nicest guy in the movie.
8. Pointless cameos (Blob, Gambit, Emma Frost, and especially Cyclops).
9. Barakapool, I can't stress enough how stupid that was.

Thank God that James Mangold came along and made a PROPER Wolverine solo film, and in Japan no less.

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