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Default Re: Laurence Fishburne IS Perry White in The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Wams View Post
I guess in the reboot... Perry's middle name is "Ain't".
I love Lawrence as an actor in everything he does...
I just don't care about the racially motivated revisionist history with iconic characters.
Will Smith NEVER should have been Jim West...
Mc G himself told me he wanted Smith as Supes as his first choice.
That kind of stuff infuriates me as a black man.

Thowing black folks a bone like this doesn't make us happy
and think things are on the level in HELLywood.

Anyway...regardless of all that... I still hope they can tell a good story
and pull Supes from the brink.
He needs and desevers better than what we have been getting.

While i don't agree with you because I like Fishburne as an actor and think he's a good fit fot the part. I do agree in certain circumstances (Michael Clark Duncan as Kingpin for example)It's unnecessary.

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