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Default Re: Official Batman Titles thread 2.0 - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by TyphoidDan View Post
You don't seem to be grasping my point at all.
I don't care if it's been built up for seven years, I don't care if there was a master plan to off him, I don't care about any way you want to rationalise it - he was pretty much one of my all time favourite comic characters and they just killed him off.

And with him went my impetus to read the comics. Whatever little justification there was means absolutely nothing to me.
You clearly do not grasp my point. You again said "just killed him off" and "they" like there was some sort of conspiracy against you. LOL, calm down, precious. This was not done on a whim. This was the characters creator (in essence) ending his creation's narrative arc. As was intended he was introduced as the character you hate, hate to love, and then hate to see die. That's all, and it has clearly worked, Damian was my second favourite Bat-character after Dick and I'm sad to see him go and because of the abysmal writing elsewhere, I too will be taking a break for a while. But at least I freaking understand.

This is the equivalent to *****ing about Dumbledore dying in Harry Potter, or Smaug in The Hobbit. They had to die for the events of next book to take place, and were intended to die.

Originally Posted by Léo Ho Tep View Post
he's not the only one. We all want you to stop reading fiction. Starting now.
Yes. You do not grasp stories. So stop.

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