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Default Re: What we know about Thor 2 from the Avengers...

Originally Posted by Godzilla2000 View Post
You know, I just noticed that we seem to like relishing the thought of Loki suffering don't we? I think this sort of talk has been going on since the Avengers was announced and the height of Loki's treachery on Earth was known. I'd stated this in the Loki thread I believe, but if Odin banished Thor just for riling up the Frost Giants, just imagine what punishment Loki will face for all the people he murdered on Earth, and possibly in other realms for Thanos. Odin is not the sort to be trifled with, not even if you're a member of his house.
I think that it was an obvious next step for Loki given where we see him during The Avengers epilogue. It's one of the few sure things we're expecting to see for Phase II.

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