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Default Re: Defenders Of The Earth - The Movie...

So here we go-


*Author notes- Starts something like how the cartoon show started.*
When Flash Gordon, his wife Dale Arden and his 15 year old son Rick finally embark on a return to Earth from the planet Mongo, they are ambushed by the forces of Ming the Merciless. Dale sacrifices herself to help her husband and son escape.

*Author Notes- <I>I am looking at a more ‘realistic’ version of the team. Unlike in the cartoons, it is not set too far into the future- maybe 2019 or something, which is odd as I was just recently watching Blade Runner.</I>*

World famous billionaire magician Mandrake is performing at (some stadium) when Flash Gordon’s spaceship crash lands. Mandrake passes it off as a trick and then makes the spaceship disappear when the authorities arrive and arranges it to be airlifted to his island home of Xanadu. Flash Gordon is welcomed by Mandrake’s friend Lothar, his son L.J and Kshin, an orphaned boy who has been adopted by Mandrake. There Mandrake and the others learn of Ming the Merciless from who poses an imminent threat to Earth.

Elsewhere, the apparently disappearing space shuttle ( Flash’s) and more extraterrestrial activity detected by the Magellan Telescope at the far end of the solar system has the world governments in chaos, but none more so than the United Nations . Chief Task Co-ordinator Diana Palmer has visitors from far away who could be more than useful – her husband, Christopher Walker, and daughter, Jedda. *AUTHOR’S NOTES- I’d love Walker being portrayed in a dark trenchcoat with a hat when he’s not in his iconic suit.*
As a favour to his wife, he visits Mandrake, who is an old acquaintance but the relationship has turned sour due to heretofore unknown factors. These stalwarts put their differences aside and join forces against the Merciless Ming to thwart his attack- to defend Earth!


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