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Default Re: Nell2ThaIzzay's "Last Stand"

Originally Posted by BMM
[FONT=Verdana]. . . and The Last Stand was going to include an out of place romance between Storm and Wolverine with absolutely no backstory or explanation.
...which I am so glad never made it into the movie.

It is simply being noted that it makes more sense that Xavier would have uniforms prepared for the likes of his own students, such as Bobby and Rogue, as opposed to individuals like Nightcrawler.
And Wolverine, in the first movie.

I remember an interview similar to this as well. I believe at the time, Cumming had been advised by his agent (or someone similar) to perform in more bankable/commercial movies, such as X-Men. This is most likely his reasoning for doing movies such as Son of the Mask (one of his not so good choices to say the least).
When I saw him at the cd signing, he was telling everyone he was about to start working on "Spy Kids 2." It was late 2001, I mention of X2 that I can remember. I didn't realize he was in it until just before the movie opened.

Actually, his discontent while working with Singer has been noted.
That's right, I knew there was an interview about it somewhere.

Bring on X-Men Legends 3 . . . and throw in the original arcade game as well.
They had the original arcade game at the hotel I stayed in Disney World last summer! I hadn't seen it in years.

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