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Default Re: Nell2ThaIzzay's "Last Stand"

Originally Posted by BMM

With or without Singer, Alan Cumming seems to have thought otherwise.

Alan Cumming was on the "NY Graham Norton" chat show last night here in the UK on Channel 4. Graham began part two of the show by saying "Now Alan, X-Men 3 - what's happening? Are you in it?" Alan replied yes he was and it was due to be released in 2005 - so far so good. Then Graham asked him about the makeup and asked "have they got any good news for you?", meaning will the make-up be easier. Alan's reply was "Yes, I spend the whole movie with a bag over my head", and while Graham and the audience were laughing he followed it with "or he dies in the first 10 minutes". More laughter with Graham remarking "That's the kind of comment that can get you fired, Alan!" Sounds like he's still hung up over the make-up! He also mentioned that he was only contracted for one more film.

“I signed for two films, so I'm going to. The last I heard is that we're starting on the 20th of June, but they don't have a script or a director yet so that may be pushed a little bit. But they have to release it in May of 2006 for some reason so it's gonna be shot in the summer.”
I am in the UK and recall that interview well. You have to bear in mind that was March 2004, not that long after X2. There was still a positive buzz over the movie and what would happne next and Alan was caught up in that (but his dislike of the make-up process is still evident). He, like others, was contracted for further movie as is usual practice. Actors are part of the marketing/publicity machine for a product in which they play a part, so they say whatever suits them at the time. George Clooney's changing comments at different times when interviewed about Batman are legendary, from pride, predicting conceding they had destroyed the franchise....

Originally Posted by BMM
. . . and The Last Stand was going to include an out of place romance between Storm and Wolverine with absolutely no backstory or explanation. All of this is nonsense. I wasn't aware that it had ever been definitively stated that there would be absolutely no backstory or explanation regarding Angel or Toad's potential inclusions in X2. All of these are merely ideas that have been tossed around during the pre-production and production processes.
The Storm/Wolverine romance was pure rumour - has any offical script been seen that included this? Given Wolverine's love for Jean in X3, I find it hard to believe he would also be loving Storm as well.

Originally Posted by BMM
None of the above statements are suggesting that The Last Stand did nothing right, nor do they maintain any worse perceptions than the assumptions and falsities common among the day to day posts found on the Hype.
Perhaps, but they are part of a maelstrom of negativity that has arisen lately.... very soon after SR's underperformance. I think a lot of people who disliked the movie believed there would be commercial/box ofice evidence that X3 was bad and Singer and SR reigned supreme... it didn't happen, much to everyone's surprise. Why else would negativity and hostility be surfacing again with such intensity three months after the movie?

Originally Posted by BMM
I enjoy the tautological nonsense of being prepared to be prepared. Besides, unnecessary repetition appears to be a necessity of internet message boards. Regardless, no one is saying that this explanation serves to make the scene suddenly okay, let alone perfect. It is not as though this is a far fetched assumption or one that is any worse than the other tortured constructions floating around on these boards. It is simply being noted that it makes more sense that Xavier would have uniforms prepared for the likes of his own students, such as Bobby and Rogue, as opposed to individuals like Nightcrawler.
I still don't quite buy the explanation. I cannot imagine uniforms being made at an early stage. (Note to Danoyse - Wolverine was not wearing a uniform prepared for him, as he had to make his own claw holes, he was just wearing a spare uniform - maybe one of Scott's?).

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