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Default Re: Nell2ThaIzzay's "Last Stand"

Originally Posted by danoyse
Well, I saw Alan in "Cabaret" and he had pretty extensive makeup in that--he was shirtless for most of the show, and wore pale, almost corpse-like makeup all over his body with heavy needle track marks all over his arms. In one scene he shows up in drag, and at the end of Act 1, he moons the audience to show off a swastika tattooed on his backside.

As you can tell, this was not a family show.

But I agree...he had to at least have some idea how gruelling that makeup process was going to be when he took the X-Men part, since I'm assuming he'd seen what the character looked like before he took the role. You can't really feel that sorry for the guy.

Perhaps he was merely irked that he withstood all that time getting makeup put on, then only to sit around for hours not actually doing anything, or having to do one 30 second scene. (seems to me I read somewhere that very thing). Perhaps if he actually had something to do after going through the makeup process he'd be less snotty about it.

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