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Default Re: Nell2ThaIzzay's "Last Stand"

Originally Posted by BMM
I believe danyose may be referring to the pre-made and newly re-designed X-Men uniform awaiting Wolverine on the X-Jet. Is the uniform specifically made for Wolverine? Perhaps not.
It could be either, I'm not picky.

Are the uniforms Iceman and Rogue are so keenly eyeing on the X-Jet specifically made for Iceman and Rogue? Perhaps not . . . in actuality, probably not. Regardless, it still does not remove the notion that Xavier would prepare uniforms for the likes of his own X-Men, and potentially soon to be X-Men, as the opposed to the likes of Nightcrawler.
I think he was always he'd be ready with anyone who suddenly joined the team.

I often hear and read that this is a grueling aspect of film, as opposed to other mediums such as television and theatre. In television, it is said that pages and pages of dialogue and numerous scenes can be filmed within the span of a single day . . . and in theatre, the results are direct. Film, on the other hand, seems to maintain more stop and go tedium . . . Reset. Stop and go. Reset. Stop and go.
I remember Ewan McGregor was unfairly ripped apart by Star Wars fans a few years ago when he said in an interview that working on the prequels was "boring." But it didn't mean he didn't like being in the movie, the process of making it was boring.

Any movie with a lot of special effects, action sequences, or extensive makeup is especially laborious, and I can see where it would test the patience of any actor. Especially a big franchise film, where the studio is always meddling in the process. Some just deal with it better than others.

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