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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
I'd agree with all of them except for Berry. She's not that big a name anymore for a movie.
But the way Hollywood works, yes she may not have much starpower anymore, but she's still is still a household name and she'd be playing a character that she is most identified with. That's big enough.

I didnt name James meaning he is a secondary actor. He is a good actor, with recognition on the industry

but I think Fassbender is a 'hotter' name right now, mainly thanks to all the polemic of Shame more the great critics to his performance, and his latest roles both as Magneto and on Prometheus.

we all know that his performance as Magneto was the standout to many fans and non fans, so thats why I added his name.

If there is an order of popularity right now with the FC actors, it would be this:

Jennifer Lawrence (clearly)
Michael Fassbender
James McAvoy

there's nothing wrong with this. The original trilogy had many great actors, but Hugh ended being more popular than the rest, so it is how it is. Some actors get more popular than other, this is how the industry works. That doesnt mean one actor is better than the other of course.

Exactly. No one is discrediting James. But facts are facts. Fassbender was the "breakout star" of First Class. Though since then, Lawrence has completely eclipsed him in terms of name recognition and star power.

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