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Default Re: Nightcrawler in the Apocalypse Movie

^ So what you're saying is the director will do what he wants.

Ok... Pretty sure we all get that...

The point is not that the director and writer can do whatever they want, but what we the fans think is the best.

Some would like to see Nightcrawler have the tatoo symbols as a homage to X2, while I feel they should try to stay away from the whole religious side of Nightcrawler and instead focus on the circus performer, acrobatic, swashbuckling, fun Nightcrawler. The one that uses swords and says things like:

"Did I put my tail in my mouth?"

"Aye carumba. Bet you thought I was going to say something cute in German, didn't you?"

"Hey, whats the fun in fighting for a world that hates and fears you if you can't make a stupidly heroic gesture once in awhile?"

"When you're born with a tail, you learn to go through doors fast."

Things like that... fun! So guess what I'm saying is that I would rather have this:

Than this:

or this:

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