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Default Re: Who was your FAVORITE Couple within the Series?

Originally Posted by Zatanna View Post
And I never said that. I've never had a problem with Bat/Cat. Kindly don't assume.

Agree to disagree, sorry. That's all I have left to say.
There really is nothing to disagree about. I understand that the interaction might not have been to your liking, but the obvious stuff can't just be swept under the rug. You can't ignore the passionate kiss, her asking him to run away with her, and then her having his mother's pearls in the end. Bruce would not have given his mother's precious pearls to a buddy. And if Nolan wanted us to think they're buddies, she wouldn't be wearing those pearls, and she wouldn't have kissed him.

I'm sorry, but this is not a debate. The execution was flimsy, but the intent was clear.

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