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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Nobody felt short-changed when Spock "died" in The Wrath of Khan and came back one film later as good as ever. And Spock's "death" scene still carries far more resonance with fans than Coulson's ever could.
The difference here is that Spock's return was set up before he even died, when he transferred his memories into McCoy before he climbed into the reactor.

Coulson's return wasn't set up at all. If you're going to yell "they mentioned LMDs!", that's a pretty poor set up. It was a throw-away line by Stark. We never actually saw an LMD or heard anything that should lead us to believe they even exist or what they are. The GA has no idea what an LMD is at this point, so Coulson's return being explained by one would seem like a pretty hard retcon.

As for the fear that there's never any "risk" of an important character dying: of course there is. I'm 100% positive that we're going to see at least one major death in IM3 this year, and possibly even more in Thor: TDW. Add to that Joss' recent comment that he plans to bring the personal pain to the heroes in Avengers 2, and I'd say that Phase II films will probably be chock full of supporting cast dropping like flies --- and who knows, maybe even an actual superhero as well.
For me personally, Coulson's return doesn't bother me in that I fear no one will die in the MCU ever, but rather that Coulson's death specifically meant nothing in The Avengers. It obviously affected The Avengers in a profound enough way that they united to save the world (basically in Coulson's honor!).

And furthermore, we know the Avengers already have little trust for Fury and know him to be a manipulator...but they all love Coulson. If Coulson didn't die (or even worse, if he was an LMD), then he lied to the Avengers as well, and is therefore just as bad as Fury. Will Coulson then still be so beloved by the Avengers, or even by fans?

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