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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 10

Originally Posted by gildedmuse View Post
I got a totally different impression. That was not Hammer's personality at all (well, except the loser unable to get anything right aspect). He ACTED laid back in an attempt to impersonate Stark's play boy personality. I think we see a much more real Hammer in those moments: someone who thinks he's owed something and who sees Stark as in his way. Kinda like a kid who is part of the in crowd but desperate to be top dog. They play the part to fit in, but just underneath the surface sits a lot of resentment and they would back stab and claw their way back to the top.

I would describe quite a few of my friends as being laid-back and fun loving. It's hard to imagine any of them willing to break an attempted murderer out of jail so that they could embarrass a peer on the national stage. If anything, that comes off as more obsessive and competitive. Mimicking Stark is an extension of that. For me, personally, that is what made Rockwell so fun to watch in the role. It's like an extended and purposefully terrible RDJ impersonation that Hammer is trying so hard to get to work for him when that is just not who he is at all.
I agree with all that, and I loved Rockwell and his performance in IM2. I'm just saying that the public perception of Hammer is that he's like a very rich Michael Scott or David Brent from The Office. I just don't see AIM or the Extremis soldiers welcoming someone like that into their ranks, let alone embracing him as a boss.


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