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Default Re: The Transformers 2 news,info, etc thread

What does it matter? Why is it war between fanboys? I simply think there is more heart and depth to SM3, but TF has better action and a more balanced (if extremely formulaic and self-serious full of pretentions) pacing. But I could care less which made more money. I know which I like better and that is all that matters.

Anyway, people who are defending Bay and the studio for going deep into pre-production without a screenplay because it is the only way of meeting the release date for next year are missing the point. Reaching that said release date should not be the priority. One would think taking an extra year to make a better movie would equate to better returns and longevity of the franchise and the novelty would not run out in the meantime with no other giant robot franchise out there (albeit I'd love to see a Gundam trilogy). It is a move to make a quick buck by the studio, which is why many show disdain for the move because there is nothing creative or artistic driving the decision as they are essentially opting to make an inferior movie so as to make money faster. Movies are a business, but it is nice when the director and "auteur" of the movie is thinking beyond the bottom line. That is the critique they are (minorly) facing.

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