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Default Re: Ego: The Dark World

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
Sentient planets?

God no. Hated similar concepts like that Galactus crap from FF and whatever that poop thing was in GL. These huge colossal planet devouring things aren't nearly as fun as a true bad ass villain the protagonist can have an actual one-on-one fight with.

Happy with Malekith & Kurse.
Planet-munching gas clouds aren't the same thing as sentient planets. Again, it's like Pandora from Avatar, only evil.

And I'm really, really not feeling *just* Malekith and Kurse....there has to be more. There's nothing cinematic or even remotely threatening about fey Dark Elves prancing around the God of Thunder. Kurse and the Dark Elves were a boring cakewalk in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and they will be in this movie, too, if there's not something significantly more menacing to close the deal in the end.


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