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Default Re: How Much Was REALLY Retconned?

Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
I'm going to repeat what I've said several times now: according to everything I have been able to find, NOTHING has been retconned, erased, or ignored because the timeline has been split Zelda-style, with Logan being the link (no pun intended) between the two branches since he has experienced both.
The other non-FC films are only Important as far as they lead to characters
In Post apocalypic future and wolverine going on time travel mission.
Wolverine at end of DOFP wakes up In future that Is one based on his actions
In 1973. Xavier at end of DOFP Is older version of one wolverine helped to guide In DOFP 1973 parts.

Inless they revisit the future seen In end of DOFP the non-FC films aren't really Important.Hugh Jackman Is still playing wolverine but that's about all for now that Is connected to non-FC films going forward with Apocalypse and beyond.And Jackman may only be playing the wolverine In between 1973 and 2023 from now on.

Now they may move certain things somewhat similar to past films but other films are wiped out.

This Is a FC+Hugh jackman franchise now.

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