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Default Re: Darkseid is the Villain in Justice League

Darkseid has basically become the JLA's arch enemy over the years. It makes perfect sense that he would be their first major foe that they have not encountered before in solo adventures.

Anyone who gives a crap that Marvel used Thanos in a minute-long clip at the end of THE AVENGERS and will be using him in other films, and the fact that audiences might see similarities between the characters because of this, instead of the fact that we're getting Darkseid, period, quite simply cares about the wrong things in this situation.

Darkseid could have a presence throughout the franchise, and there are plenty of places to go in sequels, with or without him. If it's true, it's an obvious move, yes, but given Marvel's use of Thanos, it's still something of a bold one. It's a smart move storywise. And I can't wait.

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