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Default Re: Spider-Jay420's Collection Thread

Originally Posted by Spider-Jay420 View Post
What's in the revision case? Paint touch ups?

All my spots, walmart tru and target, are just littered with series 1. Nothing but iron man and hopes as far as the eye can see. Now THAT'S ridiculous. And I only saw Piledriver once, so I'm glad I snagged him when I did. Target always had the best price though. I never paid more than $16.99.
Basically it's a case that combines series one and series two. It has Masked Daken, Big Time Spidey, Ghost Rider, Bucky Cap, Fantomas, and Hope. If they want to re-release figures, they should include the Wrecking Crew guys, the Madames, and Thor. I think those are the one's everyone would rather see since we've been inundated with those other ones. And yeah, I wish Target would get newer stuff in sometimes cuz their Legends are only $14.99 in my area. TRU and Walmart are $19.99

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