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Default Re: The Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy: The Gamora Thread

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
God, I wish people would get over this obsession with height.
Hollywood is chock full of little people that try to pass for 6 feet tall. Illusion --- it's what's for breakfast in the movies.

And what the hell would it matter if they cast a shorty in heroic roles, anyway? There's no ride-height requirement to be a hero --- it's not like riding a damn rollercoaster. Enough with the heightism already.
Originally Posted by OB12 View Post
Agreed. There are some instances where height is a little more appropriate than others but I don't see where it matters for Gamora at all. Kunis would make an awesome warrior/assassin.
Like I said previously, probably in this thread, I'm going to disagree with you guys. Height matters. Gamora is going to be played by someone reasonably tall. Even if you don't want to accept it, it. It'll happen.

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