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Originally Posted by 4NutzinYoface View Post
Dang lol that all just sounds like too much work haha!

I'm really no customizer at all unfortunately so hopefully it doesn't come to that.

ALTHOUGH...wait a second now, I know there is a website/company out there that actually scans & paints heads out there if I'm not mistaken. They do this for 3 3/4 inch, & 6 inch action figures. I could always get them to scan a picture of him, make a head & just pop it on my Malekith aka Dark Elf Trooper body!

As a matter of fact? I think I'm going to pay for an extra head of myself & stick it on Thor's body to feel better about myself lol
Its not so much hard work as it is careful wok, heh. There's customizers out there you could talk to about it. Not sure f its cheaper to get one of these scans or get like Jin or Kyle[two big names in the cutomizing community] to do it.

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