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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - Part 17

So, silly question.... has it been 100% confirmed that Michael Shannon is playing Zod yet? I remember reading that Zack Snyder would not confirm who he is playing which I have found strange, or at least not saying that he will be the villain in the movie.

This has just had me thinking recently (which has made me join up and actually post on the boards even though I have been browsing these boards since the pre-Superman Returns days), who thinks that there is a chance that if Michael Shanon is indeed playing Zod, that he won't be the films main villain? Maybe they will be going for a different approach, such as when Zod first arrives on Earth (if he hasn`t been here as long as Clark anyway that is) he and Clark may bond over that fact they are both Kryptonians like the late series story-arc in Smallville when Callum Blue played Zod? I know it seems a little like a rip-off of the Sinestro storyline from Green Lantern, but am I alone thinking this is a possibility for MOS?

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