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Default Re: Official 2012 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Discussion

See, this is the thing I've noticed about Mikey and his fighting abilities. I know that the show constantly tells us that Leo and Raph are the better fighters, but based on feats alone, Mikey has shown the greatest fighting ability. I'd say he's on par with Leo and much better than Raph, again based on feats.

In the show so far. he pretty much soloed Bradford using Bradford's own kata, took down like ten foot soldiers in less than a minute (Never Say Xever), proved that he could fight without hearing or even seeing his opponent (vs. Splinter), was actually able to restrain Shredder (the only legitmate move the turtles performed on him), and performed a shuriken toss while rolling off the top of a building (this move is tied with Donnie being able to spin his bo staff on the back of his shell for my favorite moves in the show so far).

When he and Leo teamed up against Dogpound, neither turtle did better than the other. Raph hasn't really done anything, in my opinion, that shows he's better than Mikey outside of sparring matches. I wonder if this will be addressed later in the season where Mikey eventually is able to best Raph like in previous adaptations, but I love the way the show utilizes Mikey's agility and unortodox fighting style.

Man, this is really just an awesome show.

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