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Default Re: Battle of The Henchmen 2013

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
^ Umm this thread is about who would win in a BATTLE, not who was the best henchmen.

Oh man... I am sorry. I thought of "Battle" in a totally different way.

Yet... my vote still stands . I don't know if you've started these battle threads in response to BM's threads or what BT, but I have a hard time seeing how characters from MOS don't just wreck shop on just about everybody 8 matches out of 10 . I have yet to see TDW, but given that I don't think MCU Thor is quite, or even as close to the level the Kryptonians, even the newly empowered ones like my beloved Sub Commander, I think even a supped up Algrim as Kurse is at best going to stave off destruction for just so long. Extremis soldiers will be either torn apart beyond the point of reconstitution or if she has access to her full range of powers, then combo of vision powers alone does the trick. X-ray the source of the Extremis soldiers power, then over heat that sucker. Pop goes the weasel. Silver Samurai? Let's see, how does Metallo fare against Supes when he does not have Kryptonite? Yeah... What's going on in your imagination? It would be 10 times worse.

Hard core military training and tactics, combined with martial arts skills and ruthless determination plus growing Kryptonian powers under a yellow star and our atmosphere and gravity equals every opponent on the list as roadkill.

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