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Default Re: Batman vs the black Joker thug

Oh yeah, look I love Elfman and Walker too. Maybe it sounded like a criticism when I said "cartoony", perhaps a better word would have been whimsical. There's a dark whimsy that Burton and Elfman tend to bring to things and it sets the tone for the world you're in. It's obviously not an outright parody ala the 60s show or B&R, but it's embracing the comic bookiness and pulpiness of the material.

I don't want to turn this into a Zimmer vs Elfman/Walker argument because I truly love all of it and I get really sick of those debates, but I'll just say that music is such a huge factor when it comes to setting the appropriate tone for different versions Batman both on the small screen and big screen. You couldn't just plop the Elfman theme in a Nolan film or vice versa. Sure, it's fun to watch fan trailers where they do stuff like that, but it wouldn't be sustainable for a whole movie.

To me, all the cinematic Batmen are almost defined by the music more than anything else. Maybe that's just because of my musical background- I honestly attribute Elfman's theme as one of the major reasons I even became a Batman fan in the first made such an impression on me as a kid to the point where I wanted to take piano lessons just so I could play the theme. So I might be biased there, but to me it all starts with the music. That's the first way I get drawn into whichever Gotham is being depicted.

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