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Default Re: The Official Scarlet Witch Thread

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
Considering The Avengers is based more on the Ultimate line and not 616, it stands tor reason that her look (and Pietro) in the movie will be more of a variation of this:

which would fit considering that's the direction they went with when designing Hawkeye.
They really take elements from both, Fury is straight Ultimates, but Thor from the MCU is definitely not Ultimate Thor, Cap is not Ultimate Cap and Ironman is closer to 616 Ironman as well.

The outfits that Quicksilver had in Ultimates 1&2 and Ultimate Power (they were changed for Loeb's Ultimates 3 to a similar classic 616 look) are meant to seem more uniform than costume, but I hope they do at least have SOME classic elements to their costumes. I mean, the Scarlet Witch should have a good amount of red to her costume IMO,why else is she a called the Scarlet Witch if she's predominantly in a basic leather-ops costume with a tube top that just has a splash of red?

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