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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Originally Posted by Chris B View Post
My problem was just that I never felt that his life was truly in danger or saw his impending death really taking a toll on him. I think they should've included some more serious scenes dealing with that in addition to him acting like a jackass in public. Like something that has been suggested before with him thinking he's found a replacement element, only to see that it wont work and he breaks down. For that matter, I would've prefered that serving as the catalyst for him getting drunk instead of the whole party scene.

Plus, I really think they should've left out the temporary cure that SHIELD gave him.
I think most people have this set view how people should deal with death and sadness. The problem is that this Tony Stark character that Robert Downey Jr. created is different than say, Batman or Spiderman. Instead of pouting ontop of the Chrysler Building or sulking in a penthouse, he seculdes himself in a giant donut. The scenes of him deciding to drive the Formula 1 car, throwing an outrageous party, being a drunk fool, looking like he was going to die when talking to Rhodey in his basement, his reaction to Vanko mentioning the palladium, tearing up his house, handing his company over, and lamenting to Pepper were enough proof that he was concerned about death. The whole Stark Expo and the themes of his family legacy also played into this. Perhaps I am reading too deep into a summer blockbuster movie, but the proof is there. Many people didn't care for the comedy regarding all this, but this is one of the things that set this franchise apart from others. There was no melodrama and I personally liked that. Then again, there were some scenes like this in the first movie which everybody loved.

That being said, they could have handled some scenes better. People want to rag on Marvel, but was it Kevin Feige that told Favreau to play The Clash as backround music when Jarvis is telling Tony that he is going to die? Or have a Another One Bites the Dust/It Takes Two/Daft Punk remix while Tony is fighting his best friend? I had no problem with them at all, but it's things like that which undermine serious scenes. Just imagine if they changed the backround music there to a more serious Debney much of a change it would have on the scene.

The temporary cure thing didn't bother me really. The only thing about it was it practically healed the scars instantly and that was a bit silly. That scene should have been redone without Black Widow though.

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