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Default Re: > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

Originally Posted by droidwarrior View Post
Same as above just Chonologically:

2014: X-Men Days of Future Past.

2016: X-Force

2017: Uncanny X-Men: Children of the Atom

2018: Runaways

2018: X-Men: Second Coming
Apocalypse Arc beginning

2019: X-Force: Apocalypse Rising
Apocalypse arc Part 2

2019: Uncanny X-Men: Call of the Shi'ar
Phoenix arc Beginning

2020: Age of Apocalypse
X-Men and X-Force crossover. Final part of the Apocalypse Arc.

2021: Uncanny X-Men: Phoenix
Part 2 of Phoenix Arc.

2022: X-MEN: ?

2023: Uncanny X-Men: ?
Final part of the Phoenix Arc
your list is crazy, lol. I know you and most of us would love as many movies as possible, but according to your lists/posts, its like you expected Fox to release almost 3 comic movies each year, and two from the same x-men universe, thats surreal, lol.

We will be lucky if we get one comic movie each year, and one x-men related movie each year starting in 2016.

But some good ideas on your lists

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