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Default Re: Is Man of Steel the 'Godfather' of Comic Book Films?

Very interesting reading everyone's opinions.

I'll start with the Dark Knight first, as it seems many give it the title. The biggest issue I have with the film is I feel it detoured too far from the comics, even in a general sense. Some camp is required IMO for a comic book film. Man of Steel has camp, the world engine defenses, the dress of the council on Krypton, etc. There is no camp in the Dark Knight. Everything is completely practical. The hero and villain could shed their costumes and it would still be the same film. Its too much of a crime/thriller and not enough comic book fantasy. Brilliant film, but I have trouble believing it is a real comic book movie. Its like its loosely based on the Batman mythology and thats it.

Never understood the the hype and love for Spider Man 2. I liked the first and even the third film better then #2. Why? I felt the first and third film showed powerful emotions from the characters, and there was none of that in the second film. The villain just gives up and commits suicide in the 2nd film and the weak story about him magically losing and regaining powers? I didnt buy it.

As for the Avengers, I agree, it is in the running. In fact, I consider it superior to Man of Steel, which is why I say the Avengers is the Raiders of the Lost Ark of comic book films and Man of Steel is the Godfather of comic book films.

As usual though it looks like my opinion is in the minority. Thats fine, just wanted to throw up a poll and see what others thought.

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