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Default Re: What would you rather see next - FIRST CLASS 2 or X4?

So I've been watching X-men TAS on netflix and have found it positively shocking to see something with the name X-men on it that features Cyclops so heavily. I'm serious, I had long since forgotten.

But personal grudge aside, really the one thing that I hate, and I mean absolutely loath about the Last Stand as a movie and not a comic book adaption is the last two scenes of the movie. The cure may not have worked? Xavier has implanted his mind into his "brain dead twin brother?" (the very idea of this is so retarded it makes me wish I was brain dead. Its the big budget equivalent of putting a question mark on "The End.") If the filmmakers knew how much they were going to piss of the fan base then why bother at all. Either show your conviction to your controversial (and some would argue unavoidable decisions) and make people understand and accept them or pull a Mathew Vaughn and get the heck out of the production while you still can. Or better yet, don't pull off an hour and forty minute tease of a much better, and albeit great movie. A lot of critics loved the cure idea, it really did make for instant built in drama worthy of a film series climax.

But they were scared of their own ideas, its ridiculous.

anyway, I think people who say that the trilogy was done with Last Stand are right, but there is no reason to feel that a sequel with the remaining characters can't be made. They can set it several years later and actually make characters out of Iceman, Colossus and Kitty. These characters alone are still much more popular and engaging than Havok and Banshee. Plus they have Angel too. They just need to recast and take the story in a new direction, which I personally would find much better than the Xavier vs. Magneto retread that unfortunately a first class sequel will probably deal with.

And the whole Last Stand is hated/loved by random people debate is kind of pointless by this point. I know plenty of people who liked the movie, as I know plenty (and I mean plenty) who thought First Class was okay at best and really didn't give a **** about it. But I will say that even those who liked Last Stand always bring up the callous killing of characters (mainly Scott, who even non comic readers recognized as an important character) as a negative. And strong one. They may not lose sleep, but there is no one who would ever defend such a stupid decision. But trying to get millions of viewers on your own side to prove a point is not only impossible but the very nature of the debate brings one and only one conclusion and that is reactions were "mixed." Done and done.

"Yeah Clarissa, Explain it all."

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