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Default Re: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Part 2

Originally Posted by Samwise Gamgee View Post
Pretty sure she's playable. Otherwise Boon is a bigger troll than I thought. From Twitter:

Ed Boon ‏@noobde INJUSTICE comic seems to be getting RAVE reviews. Its a great prequel to the story in our game. …
hmmmm.....can't tell if that's a hint or

but in Boon's latest tweet, he says that character DOES look like Raven, but reminded us that not all characters in story mode are playable.........

so, he's either being coy, or there's a chance that Raven really is unplayable...........

that would be a huge missed opportunity, if you ask me. the roster could really use some more diversity, not just in gender but in powers and ability.

we've got a lot of guys. and a lot of gadget/tech or brawler types.

time for another female, a hero, and a power character. and Raven's magic/shadow/TK powers would make for some interesting gameplay.

besides, that article also mentions how the characters will interact with the environmental objects differently ( something they've mentioned before ).

so far, all of the characters seem to be based on "physical" powers or abilities. Raven could use her mind/magic/TK powers to hurl the objects at her opponents, or slam her opponents into the objects.

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