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Default Re: Which Female Character do u think will get the most Epic #ActionMoment?

In every X-Men movie directed by Singer, Storm has always carried the biggest action sequence. And in X3 she arguably has the best action sequences perhaps second only to Jean/Phoenix. So I would expect Storm to do so again. Of the women in DOFP she and Rogue (if we get a more action oriented Rogue) have the large scale powers.

Storm alone (from what we've seen of her in the original trilogy) could take on an army of these sentinels by herself. I understand Mystique will feature in this much more than storm but until Mystique learns how to control the weather I don't see her getting the most Epic action moment in the film. Even in X2 where Mystique got really cool action scenes I wouldn't call any of them Epic.

The thing with Storm is that her powers have so much range and there are still things that she can do that we have yet to see on screen. Whereas Mystique has pretty much reached her potential there's isn't a lot more that we can see from her. We're talking about the woman who carried arguably the most epic action moment of the entire franchise. Her tornado X-Jet scene in X2. Though Magneto's submarine lift, golden gate bridge scene and Phoenix's Alcatraz destruction scenes, and Nightcrawlers' white house scenes are very close seconds. With the latter being the biggest rival for the top spot.

The only other women that probably could get an even more epic action sequence than Storm is Rogue. Fingers crossed Rogue gets a bit to do.

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