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Default Re: Which Female Character do u think will get the most Epic #ActionMoment?

How about None ?

Storm is actually the only one who can rival any of the guys in terms of powers. But Halle Berry's pregnancy means her role will be scale down and be limited in certain ways.

Kitty and Rogue. Due to the nature of their powers, I can't see them being great physical fighters or having any great action scenes. Rogue is most likely going to sit out on any action scenes like she has always been.

Kitty is just going to phase through walls, humans. And that's about it that she can really do.

Mystque. This is Jennifer Lawrence mystique, NOT Rebecca Romjin mystique who can flip around, kicks, deliver blows and punches.

Jennifer Lawrence mystique is pretty much a teenager discovering herself, and not a skilled physical combat fighter yet.

Blink is just going to telepot and open portals. Not familar with the character at all.

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