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Default Re: Original Actors returning - Official Thread

Originally Posted by LoganGambit87 View Post
it should be in the past you dont ditch actors of such high caliber like fassbender,lawrence,and mcavoy who are all very young

lets be honest here the OT cast all well past their prime famke is almost 50 for god sakes

i love them too but best case scenario is keep it in first class era so we can keep fassbender,hoult,mcavoy,and lawrence and then cast younger storm,cyclops,and jean
Age isn't as a big deal as you think.

Do viewers really want to see a 30 to 40 something Xavier and 30 to 40 something Magneto for the next 20 years? Them being younger definitely didn't help FC to outgross any of the OT films.

Of course the OT cast are aging and its probably make sense to make at least 2 more films with them before they get really really old rather than giving them another long break to give way for prequels and spin-offs.

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