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Default Re: Original Actors returning - Official Thread

Originally Posted by Kahran Ramsus View Post
I just don't see the point of bringing back the original cast in a film that will supposedly take place mostly in the 80s starring the First Class cast.

What is there for the OT cast to do then? Another time travel story? That would be completely redundant after just having one in DoFP. A framing device similar to Ian Holm and Elijah Wood in The Hobbit? That was unnecessary there and would be here too.

I just don't see an interesting story reason for them to be there.
You do know that making films is also a business. And FOx always use the OT cast members for cameo roles to bring more interest or familiarity to the audience.

Obviously, Fox want to maintain the momentum that they are getting from DOFP. And DOFP just so happened to be the OT cast's 1st film in 8 years and their return has been used for the marketing of the film. Isn't it telling that the 1st X-Men film to outgross X3 in worldwide gross just happen to be the 1st OT film since X3? That isn't just a coincidence.

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