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Default Re: Original Actors returning - Official Thread

Originally Posted by Kahran Ramsus View Post
Hugh Jackman is an exception because his character doesn't age. He exists in both timelines. If they are making a film set in the 80s like Apocalypse is, they don't have to come up with some silly plot device to explain his presence.

Keyword there being 'may.' It also doesn't mean that they have to show up in the next film. There could be a film set in the present-day timeline somewhere down the line.

He's probably the easiest one they could fit in as some sort of cameo, just by the nature of his powers.

I wouldn't rely on Kinberg. He thought that Iceman was re-cast in this film, and he's talked about all sorts of nonsense with the Fantastic Four reboot. He's simply not trustworthy. If Singer says it, then you've got something.

Other than Jackman, probably not a lot. Stewart and McKellen and to a lesser extent Page, maybe a little. The others were just 3 second cameos and minor appearances alongside new characters like Warpath, Blink, and Bishop. The First Class cast, plus Wolverine, plus coming off two good X-Men films is the reason there was a jump in box office.

Maybe, but I'm talking about Apocalypse, not two or three films down the line.

We already know Apocalypse is going to take place in the 80s and star the First Class cast and Hugh Jackman. It isn't like we are going in with a blank slate, where we are arguing whether it will take place in the past or present. That decision has already been made. Now knowing that, how is awkwardly inserting in the present day characters (as opposed to younger versions) going to help the story?
Hugh jackman Is still the centrel character of Ot and he will be In Apocalypse

The creative team comments on OT cast explains why some will be In APocalypse.

You do realize Kinberg has been stand in for Singer due to lawsuit.Singer himself called Apocalypse more of a first class equel and a Inbetweenequel like
DOFP.Singer and Donner may want OT actors In Apocalypse.

The OT cast was big part of promation of filmForget how things turned out in final cut.They were used a lot to promate film.

Lawrence's box office clout is overestimated.There wasn't a lot of hungar games audences rushing to see DOFP.

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