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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

In this thread: a lot of denial on both sides of reality.

No, there's not any real chance that Fox and Sony will ever get on the same page with Marvel Studios to cross-over their cash cows Spidey and Wolverine.

But some of these posts that deny the box office appeal of Spidey in an Avenger movie are just completely out of touch with reality. Spidey holds FOUR spots (4,5,6, and 9) in the Top 10 grossing superhero films of all time, while Batman holds two (2 and 3), Iron Man has two (7 and 8), Avengers has 1 (#1), and The Incredibles holds the #10 spot. Even when you combine the total take on each franchise, and *even if* you include Avengers in the Iron Man franchise total, Spidey still outgrosses everything out there.

Spidey is the freakin' flagship of Marvel; always has been and always will. Anybody who thinks his inclusion in the Avengers wouldn't boost the hell out of the box office is living in complete denial.


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