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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird
You're boderline trolling now.
Stop being butthurt.

Originally Posted by jaqua99
its more than money. It doesn't matter. I think you are trolling too. Ant man and wasp are WAY more important for the avengers than freakin spiderman. It doesn't matter if he is more popular. Ant man and wasp are more important. and it is crucial to get them in sooner or later. They have roles, they lead to ultron. They need to be in a some point. it's not about pulling in more money, or getting more people to see the damn movie. christ
Yes, Ant-man and Wasp were in the first issue; unfortunately, they’re just not very well-known characters outside the comic book world. Go say they’re making a movie called “Ant-man” to a non-nerd, and I’d be willing to bet they say something like, “What, does he turn into an ant or something?” Swap Hank Pym with Stark (or possibly even Hammer), and away you go.

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