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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
oh my god.
WHY tie him in to the avengers? He doesn't exist in the MCU. And if they give Sony's spiderman a cameo, that would be confusing.

Again, why would they have to tie him in? What would it do, besides sell extra tickets, think of the confusion. "Why aren't we getting a MCU spiderman movie?" "If he made a cameo, why can't he be an avenger?"

"So sony's universe is the same as the MCU? They are the same universe?..they aren't? then why is their spiderman making a cameo in the mcu?"

its just confusing. Too confusing. If they have a plan to buy back spidy, and give him his own full MCU movie and such, then by all means. Give him a cameo, but right now, its too confusing, hell, too risky.
Why would the overlap of Spidey's universe in Sony and the MCU necessitate a Marvel Studios Spider-Man movie? There *is* such a thing as "outsourcing." If you let multiple studios (Sony, Fox, MS) handle different facets of the same shared universe, then you're giving fans exactly what they want --- moar Marvel. When you try to consolidate every Marvel property at MS, then you're severely limiting yourself to the only-two-films-a-year model, which means major, MAJOR, MAJOR Marvel characters will have to get sent to the backburner. Nobody wants that.

Neither fans nor general audiences would be the least bit confused by a truly shared universe that extends across multiple studios, because they *know* that Spidey, the X-Men, and the Avengers share the same comic book universe. And questions about "well then, where were the X-Men or Spidey while the Avengers were out saving the world from aliens? Or why didn't the Avengers help the X-Men when everybody was trying to go all genocide on mutantkind?" are *age-old questions* that us fanboys have been asking the Marvel Bullpen for decades.

Can we please talk about other potential characters appearing on the avengers roster? Venom, you once again have single handidly turned this into a spiderman in the avengers thread, which it isn't.

Make it a seperate thread if you feel the need to talk about it, and argue its case. But it needs to end here. This is a thread dedicated to the roster of the avengers in the MCU. You've said it yourself, Spiderman won't be a team member. Lets get back on topic and discuss other avengers who might appear on the roster, legitimately.
Look, the "whar's Spidey and Wolverine?!?" questions are tiresome, but they're definitely applicable to this thread. In the 21st century, Spidey and Wolverine ARE Avengers, thanks to Bendis, whether anyone likes it or not. So the question is going to keep coming up again and again. Grin and bear it.


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