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Default Re: Shailene Woodley IS Mary Jane Watson! - Part 2

Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
Characterization- wise, yes. They seem to have given this version of Gwen the characteristics of Ultimate MJ and this version of MJ the characteristics of Ultimate Gwen (at least in part).
Gwen in the movie is based on the 616 version of Gwen than Ultimate MJ. I wouldn't say she is based on Ultimate MJ since Ultimate MJ was technically 616 Gwen minus the science side (which Gwen has in the movie) and Ultimate Gwen was technically 616 MJ minus the supermodel look and with "teen punk" traits attached.

That begin said, I would find it really weird if Shailene's MJ is based on Ultimate MJ since Ultimate MJ is so similar to 616 Gwen who the Gwen in the movies is based off of. That's why I would prefer 616 MJ. Gwen and MJ have always been the exact opposite of each other in both the 616 and Ultimate universes which is what makes their relationship with Peter and the relationship between them so interesting. I feel that once you decide to go with 616 Gwen over Ultimate Gwen, MJ should also be more like her 616 version than her Ultimate version. Same thing would apply if Gwen was originally based on her Ultimate version.

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