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Default Re: Thor: The Dark World Trailer Thread

Originally Posted by Lady Marion View Post
I remember the time when Terminator 3 was announced. The teaser was a black screen, then the Terminator skull showed up and the typical theme sounds. Coming soon...and over. The people went crazy in the theater and were happy.

I think we are lucky that we got the internet and we can watch a teaser or trailer as soon as it's been released.
People are spoilt rotten with trailers and teasers and tv spots and featurettes. I still remember going to the cinema having seen nothing but the advert on tv. It's one hell of an entitled generation, people want things to be exactly how they expect they don't want films to surprise to challenge anymore, but I digress...this was pretty good trailer, and coming from a guy who never liked the look of the trailers for the first film. I think I'm finally starting to come around this whole MCU thing.

Heck maybe even Cap will be good next year, they've only gone an attempted to adapt one of my favourite comic book stories by my favourite comic book writer.

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