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Default Re: Thor: The Dark World Trailer Thread

This looks good visually, plus Brian Kirk has a lot of experience on TV, and he's not merely a "TV" director, just love how it's being used as an insult, hey DarkKnight, do you actually know what TV shows look like today? Cue Game Of Thrones, on which Kirk is a recurring director, or I don't know: House Of Cards, Breaking Bad, Hannibal, Boardwalk Empire, that kind of stuff.

About the trailer, I love Thor, I think it looks good here, but I'm not as excited as I am for IM3 or MOS, I need more, but yeah, this is a teaser trailer, so it does the job. Not a fan of London (is it?) being used in the movie, it just looks drab in the trailer, I got much more interested when they show Asgard and those big battles.

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