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Default Re: Frank Miller's & Neal Adam's Batman Odyssey

Originally Posted by Cain View Post
Miller has become a parody of himself but what makes it funnier is that he never was THAT great of a writer in the first place, but ironically this is exactly why I enjoy his recent work. It's like a giant F U to all the fans that overrated his work throughout the years and all the writers that completely misinterpreted his use of a more extreme Batman after TDKR. He's like "you want dark and vulgar I'LL GIVE YA dark and vulgar".
no, miller was once a great writer. year one and DKR i think are over rated, but still very solid pieces of work. his sin city stuff was fantastic. and i know thats completely different, but it proves he was a great writer, though a very specific one. and while he's become a parody of himself, and his work has stumbled into the "so bad its good" area, i do not think that are his intentions.

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