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Default Re: Which X-Men Should die or be dead in DOFP?

with Bryan Singer directing I don't expect hairpulling contunity problems like teenage Cyclops,Jean,and Storm In 1960's.I don't expect any big charater Introductions since
we are already dealing with casts from first Class and original films.Plus this film won't be just action.In 1960's you have to spend time devolping both X-men and Brotherhood.You know sometime Is going to spent devolping Magneto and Mystique.

Hugh Jackman and his recent comments about The Wolverine set after The Last Stand may be misleading and future scenes may be sequel to X-Men and X2.And Thus Cyclops and Jean could be In future scenes.

But I believe any character not In X-Men and X2 will be dead In DOFP's future.

as for future yes It's alternate from real world present or 2000's but It may be presented as future for post X-men triolgy(or possibly X-Men/x2) before the time travel to prevent event from past that will plant seeds for eventul future with Sentinles.The fact The Wolverine ties Into DOFP and Bryan Singer's talk of connecting films and connecting dots between films saus the future Is connected to past X-Men films and Isn't just alternate versions of characters from X-Men trilogy.And we don't need time travel problems like The Terminator had.

I firmly expect the future viewing order of films will be this way-First Class,X-Men trilogy(it's always possibly the Last Stand may be thrown out) The Wolverine,Days of future past.And It's possible If there are plans for another X-Men film after DOFp with original cast(another wolverine film at the least) I wouldn't put It past Bryan to use Time travel to remove the Last Stand from Contunity,keep X-Men and X2 and use the star Trek 2009 way to keep some people from being upset by saying the Last Stand did originaly happen but time travel has now overwritten It.Just like In Star Trek all originally happened but time travel has mostly wiped out past except for enterprise.

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